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MQA and Jriver

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As I was poking around with all different possible playback options in the Tidal app. I found the best playback for my set up was playing through Jriver's WDM. I have a Bel Canto 2.7 DAC (nonMQA). When played through Tidal's exclusive mode I would get 48 or 96 max. When played through Roon only 48. With Jriver and it's upsampling flavorings, I upsample to either 176.4 or 192 my DAC's max. It sounds fantastic. Listening to Jane's Addiction Nothing Shocking is fabulous. What's nice about Jriver is that it tells you what the incoming signal is on the home screen and my DAC tells me what signal it's receiving. Even when played through without upsampling, Jriver sounds far better then the Tidal desk top, YMMV.


Those who use HQplayer will probably love this option also. If it's true to what they say about MQA eliminating certain artifacts through the MQA process, I could only assume this would help with the upsampling. Less BS to deal with. I'm guessing of course, that stuff is way out of league. Roon is said to have there own upsampling program coming in there next update so this will make for interesting comparisons.


I am shocked how good it sounds without the real MQA decoder DAC.


I hope all of you are having the same luck as I am

PC/NAS/JRiver/Roon - PS Audio P5 Regenerator - KEF LS50 Nocturne - Rel 328 subwoofer - PS Audio AC5 Power cables 

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