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Adding New Drive to Synology Volume(s)

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I did some searching but could not really find an answer to this question.


I recently replaced my 2 disk Synology NAS with a better 4 disk version. To start I just bought 3 disks thinking that I could do RAID 5 or SHR and then add another disk later. On my previous NAS I had 3 volumes so that I could easily map their contents to root. I had "Files", "Music", and "Time Machine".


I wanted to replicate this scheme on my new NAS but am wondering what happens when I decide to add the 4th drive?


The new NAS automatically formatted itself to one volume with the new btrfs file system. I know how to reformat it to recreate my 3 volume scenario but if I add the 4th drive will I only be able to add it to one of the existing volumes or can I divide it up and spread it between the 3 volumes.


Thanks for any and all opinions!

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