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Blumenhofer FS2 mk2


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This weekend I listened to a pair of Blumenhofer speakers. The FS2 mk2. While I have heard it's bigger brother a few time, the gran gioia. I never heard the more affordable model.


I really like the gran gioia but it costs more then I'll ever be able to afford. However I was surprised how good the baby brother sounded. Anyone else here on the forum that has any experience with Blumenhofer and especially the FS mk2 model?


Would be interested in what people's experience with it are. The speaker is more or less semi affordable if I safe and don't burn it on stupid shit.


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I've heard the FS-1 (the current version) a couple of times in show conditions and had the FS-3 mk 2 at home.


I was very impressed every time. The FS-3 mk 2 represent a killer value IMO.



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