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MQA is Vaporware

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55 minutes ago, bambadoo said:

Seems like 2L is starting to only deliver in MQA now... 2 latest albums from the new webshop (that MQA/Roon guy helped with)

What did Chris say earlier? 

"glory days of pure lossless pcm are over"

Download the multichannel tracks. 😉

Kal Rubinson

Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


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On 4/27/2021 at 10:03 PM, Gus141 said:

Bravo Chris. I don’t log in much anymore and post anything, but I still read AS daily. Thank you for not being afraid, even as a founder of the site, to express your well-informed opinion. Whether it’s MQA, Bluesound, Amazon Music HD, or about the summit-fi manufacturers, you say it like it is, or at least how you see it. Thanks for keeping it real.  And your comment on Roon and MQA and possible relations with BS is something I’ve always wondered and quietly wished would be addressed here.


To be honest, I’ve always wondered why @keenObserver didn’t include “Boycott Roon” in his “Boycott Warner, Boycott TIDAL” signature. I boycott Roon, and maybe if more people did, that would have a bigger impact on MQA/TIDAL’s success. 


Is there MQA without Tidal?

Is there Tidal without Roon?

Perhaps it is time to scrutinize Roon.

Boycott Warner

Boycott Tidal

Boycott Roon

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18 minutes ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

If we have Qobuz, Amazon HD, Deezer lossless, Spotify lossless, and Apple HiFi, I can’t see a reason why anyone would use Tidal. Nothing beats paying more and getting less. 


Roon has been promoting artists in their Instagram stories as well as their feed, and it strongly favors TIDAL.

No electron left behind...

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4 hours ago, katools said:

Boycott the labels, streaming services and artists that offer only mqa. Starved of cash they'll soon change their tune.

You also need to boycott the manufacturers that incorporate MQA as well!

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3 hours ago, katools said:

With a bit of luck Apple and Spotify going lossless puts tidal out of business and causes Roon to lose a very substantial proportion of their subscriber base, forcing them to rethink their customer engagement and offering. They definitely are mqa supporters ... not too long ago their coo was pushing a thread along trying to convince people of its merits, deleting dissenting posts on grounds they were 'off topic' (meaning weren't following his desired narrative).  Recently there were posts requesting that Roon stop selecting mqa content over high res pcm when they exist locally or on Qobuz.  No coincidence their software will choose to play the charlatan's work.


And Jud thinks I’m posting propaganda? ;-)

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11 hours ago, bambadoo said:


Yuck. Shame on you 2L / Morten Lindberg. At least offer the 24/96 for some hi-res legitimacy.


IMO doesn't speak well of Lindberg to be so wrapped up in this scheme not only from the start but persisting to this day and even further limiting his consumers' options.

Archimago's Musings... A "more objective" audiophile blog.

Free The Music - No MQA!  :nomqa:

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