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MQA is Vaporware

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46 minutes ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

Not even close. HDCD didn’t remove 3 bits. 



HDCD uses a 20 bit format in difference to the normal 16 bit format, which shall cause a better dynamic range, when playing on HDCD-players. If the HDCD is played on a normal player, only 14 bit are available, so in fact the dynamic range is worse compared to normal CD.


Hey, only 2 bits, rather than 3 were used - but who's counting ... 🙂.






Over and out.



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11 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

Bob kept telling me that for a long time. Saying @Miska and Mans were talking about high school level stuff and didn't understand what he was doing with MQA. It's a common tactic used by those hiding something. 

I agree -- you are commenting on the typical "you aren't smart enough to understand" type response.   The audio community appears to be susceptable to 'high priests' with great intellectual dishonesty or true incompetence.   The problem that I have been trying to resolve is the most heinous event in audio, yet few appear to have picked up on it.   There is a strong intertia, where people will eventually buy-in to the dishonesty and sophistry.   Honesty doesn't always win.   Integrity is hard to come by.


Remember in the '80s when CDs had that 'digital sound' and those who supposedly 'know things' complained that 'digital' was naturally inferior?   It has taken 30+yrs to unveil the cheat, but now people are used to the 'digital sound', while vinyl is even being produced with it...


I am only ONE PERSON getting minimal help with failing hearing -- and have terrible problems trying to produce demos -- just had to improve the Brubeck examples because of finally getting feedback.   What is wrong with people who are so easily taken-in by dishonesty, snake oil, influence peddlers, and other such charlitans?


AS is one of the few places where there is SOME sanity, but the audio world in general does have this problem of dishonest high-priests and appears to be no win.   I can imagine in 1000yrs, our hearing will have 40dB dynamic range capability because of all of the FA recordings AND subsequent DRC and digital compression implied.  Humans hearing willl adapted to the distorted sound -- as it already has to some extent in the last 30+yrs.




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Watching Bob Stuart give a talk on MQA, it is all rainbows and unicorns and magic.  Bob Stuart goes on and on, hitting every talking point, and says NOTHING.

Watch a Professor Irwin Corey performance and then watch a Bob Stuart talk.


The people that believe the MQA BS are the same people that believe the magician sawed a person in half.

Boycott Warner

Boycott Tidal

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49 minutes ago, KeenObserver said:

are the same people that believe the magician sawed a person in half.


But I saw that with my own eyes many times !

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3 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

This is a human problem, not just audio.

Although there are many versions of this that play out around the world, the unifying principle is: somebody gets paid. A lot.


And by the time the music stops, payday is long past and you can't claw-back time. Sorry to be so cynical, audio pals...

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Just found this in the Veter Peth group. This is probably the reason why so many believe there is a third unfold:

Bob is claiming C, which has no musical content, is being folded into B, and then B is folded into A.

But this is wrong. There is no third unfold.

MQA can't encode any analog frequencies above 48 Khz, as MQA's encoder is band limiting everything to 17/96 at best, so any content above 48 Khz is lost. For multiples of 44.1K, anything above 44.1 Khz is lost if the source is sampled at 88.2K or higher.



So all it can do is replace C with it's own garbage, which is the aliasing of their leaky filtersmqa-mutilation-freq-domain.thumb.png.556d48043509a2b218d0755403f590bc.png


You can clearly see in the spectrum, that C is not being unfolded, but A and B are kept, although B is already lossy, and C is completely lost and replaced by something else.

So why does Bob pretends that C is kept?

Designer of the 432 EVO music server and Linux specialist

Discoverer of the independent open source sox based mqa playback method with optional one cycle postringing.

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