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MQA is Vaporware

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On 11/18/2020 at 7:47 PM, MikeyFresh said:

Exactly, and when Warner's albums have little stream revenue to show for all of this BS, this little experiment will have failed miserably, but that does require dropping the TIDAL subscription entirely.

They went out the toilet the day their customer"service" told Me that MQA was indeed lossless

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16 minutes ago, KeenObserver said:

Legendary music expert Veter Peth has announced that MQA has added a fourth unfold.  This will light the 32/768 display and will light FOUR blue lights on the new MQA decoder.

Magazine editor Herbert Rawley pronounced this the greatest scientific breakthrough since God created earth.

And where are there going to hide that one they are going to have to move to 32bit lol

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When a famous MQA scientist was asked if the new file was lossless, he replied that the flac container was lossless.  He then talked about fitting 80 cubic feet of air in a cylinder.  He continued on for an hour, citing all kinds of scientific principles that had nothing whatsoever to do with the matter at hand.  He produced a chart that he turned around four times.

Boycott Warner

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On 11/19/2020 at 5:34 PM, The Computer Audiophile said:


I was sick and tired of all this tracking business and the tracking companies tracking what I tracked, so I got rid of it all here on AS. I don't want to be tracked, so I can't in good conscience track you guys who make this community what it is. 


P.S. I also love to see this in the new Safari. I encourage people to go to other sites and see what's being collected about them. 


Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 10.38.47 AM.png

We just need You to abandon googleapis (Google promises that they are not using their API's to track - and MQA is lossless🤮)

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On 11/20/2020 at 5:47 PM, The Computer Audiophile said:

Here are some pieces of information.



Funny how they always want to do things on the phone. Have been in touch with them several times. As soon as they have to write ANYTHING that is beyond marketing script they either go silent or want to do it on the phone. Funnily they do not want You to record the conversation.

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21 minutes ago, UkPhil said:

This section may becoming a reality looking at Warner’s latest work




This is all about salesmanship.  You know, like selling ice to Eskimos (or other similar probably politically incorrect comment.)   Being convinced of the audio quality being great is a big part of the perception about audio.

An honest set of claims with caveats and lack of embelishment would be the death of MQA.


Sweet, accurate, and great quality wont' sell.  Something that is nice, polished with all kinds of overstatement will sell well.   This is especially true of a boutique kind of name is used, and use of pseudo-science and metaphysics certainly have helped the 'evil' cause...





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2 hours ago, KeenObserver said:

When legendary music expert Veter Peth was asked how a 16/48 compressed file could be turned into 32/768 he replied: "What, excuse me , I have to take this call".

From the Veter Peth group:



You mean 17/96 upsampled to 24/768 ? MQA is band limited to 17/96:


MQA is a 17 bit lossy codec


The MQA encoder shown in Fig. 7A accepts a 96 kHz 24-bit input. This 24-bit input is immediately reduced to 17 bits using noise shaped dither (this is a lossy dithered quantization process that adds some noise above 20 kHz). The remaining 17 bits are split into high and low-frequency channels. The split signal is transmitted through a lossy compression system that is augmented by a compressed touch-up channel. If the touch-up channel does not overload, the 17-bit transmission is lossless if decoded as shown in Fig. 7B. But, if the touch-up channel reaches its maximum capability, the system begins to be a lossy 17-bit system. After decoding, a lossless or nearly lossless version of the 17 bit signal is recovered.


Designer of the 432 EVO music server and Linux specialist

Discoverer of the independent open source sox based mqa playback method with optional one cycle postringing.

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Going on various sites and reading what some of the Tidal subscribers are saying, I get the impression that some are either "influencers" or don't have the intellectual capacity to understand what is happening to them.

Reading some of the comments I have a vision of a Cheech or Chong Character having sex with a Valley Girl and the outcome is a Tidal subscriber.

Boycott Warner

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Worth noting again that one can download full sample tracks of MQA-CD, and straight CD, etc, from 2L - to compare and see if you can hear differences, http://www.2l.no/hires/index.html. Personally, differences between MQA and non-MQA are clear, but so far differences between formats of either type are inaudible, in the areas that interest me.






Over and out.



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1 hour ago, John Dyson said:

This is especially true of a boutique kind of name is used, and use of pseudo-science and metaphysics certainly have helped the 'evil' cause...


I just hadn't realized origami figures in pseudo-science or metaphysics.

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