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MQA is Vaporware

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Here is the same file streamed from my Mytek DAC to my analyzer with MQA disabled. 96kHz content according to J-River, 96kHz output according to Mytek DAC. The Mytek DAC does not have a purple light next to the MQA logo. Here is the output of my analyzer:sine-10k-3db.thumb.png.a5ce2a9513299a9e4e5b9a4f0189d376.png

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The 86kHz 'noise' is just the imaging (48+38 kHz) due to the 'leaky' MQA filter. I'm sure MQA would argue that no regular music content would have any signal lying at -10dB at 10kHz.


I'm sure something like the 'polynomial' filters in HQPlayer would produce a similar result with a -10dB 10kHz signal. Probably why @Miska recommends against using them.



Phasure Mach III audio PC -> HQPlayer/XXHighEnd @24/705.6 -> Phasure NOS1 DAC -> First Watt F5-cloned mono amps -> Tune Audio Anima horn speakers

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17 hours ago, mansr said:

Here's the spectrum (normalised so the peak hits 0 dB) of a software "render" of that signal:


The 86 kHz artefact is supposed to be there at -24 dB. Could it be that PS Audio DAC has a low-pass filter somewhere after the MQA rendering?

I might be mistaken but my understanding of the PS DirectStream DACs is that they upsample everything to DSD then run it through a low pass filter (transformer based) to create the analog output, instead of a chip DAC conversion.

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