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iTunes Album Art


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As anyone that's used iTunes with a large ripped-from-CD library knows, the Get Album Artwork function leaves a lot to be desired. I know there are online album cover sources for 90% of the music out there but what about those others that can't be found? Has anyone had any luck scanning in the actual CD sleeve?


I want the best possible artwork as I use my AppleTV for my primary playback and bad artwork files show their nastiness in HD on a 55" screen.


I've got a cheapo Epson WF600 3-in-one that I could scan from but any tips/tricks would be appreciated.






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Hi Bill - I definitely hear what you're saying about the albums covers. I also search for the largest version of the art as you never know how big you will project it on a large screen some day. I often use Google image search or visit Amazon.com and Acoustic Sounds for speciality album art.


scanning can give you mixed results and it certainly will be more time consuming than searching the Internet.


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Hi Bill,


I sometimes scan my own album artwork.


I don’t know much about your scanner but I would scan them in at a high resolution. If you have a descreen function when scanning that would help.


Open the scan in a software program such as Photoshop then reduce the file size down to 72dpi @ 500x500 pixels and save as a jpeg. 72dpi @ 600x600 pixels would give you better quality but a bigger file size.

I think iTunes usually uses 500 x 500 size.


Hope this helps.


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