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Hegel HD25 Dac not recognized properly by Mac Audio Mini

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After the excitement of receiving my new Hegel HD25 DAC, today was something of a frustrating and anti-climatic experience. The problem being that my MacBook Pro identifies the DAC merely as a "Speaker", and not specifically by the brand name as it used to with my Concero. The good news is that in spite of this I can correctly configure the 'speaker'. Perhaps I shouldn't worry as it seems to be functioning fine for the most part. The only thing not working is the forward/backward controls on the DAC remote. Otherwise all good and sounding nice - although the DAC is new so I'm not judging the SQ critically at this point. I've spent almost the entire day doing everything I can think of to get the DAC properly recognized, including calling Apple customer service - who had no solution. Hegel are away until next week. Anyone else run into this problem and manage to fix it? My OS X system is El Capitan.

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