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Hello CA members!


Looking ahead to 2017, I thought I'd post about the upcoming audio shows that I'll be exhibiting at:


1) AXPONA (April 21 - 23, 2017)


The first show of the year for me will be AXPONA. AXPONA 2016 was a killer show and where I brought

a pre-production Sonore microRendu that Jesus R. sent to me, along with Roon playback software on my MacBook,

and a fully-loaded LIO Integrated with DHT PRE (the first time I showed it!).


Well, I'll be doing it again this year ;-) If you missed AXPONA, definitely try to make it this year because it is fast becoming

the hot show in the USA. It was packed all 3 days. I posted about it on my forum over on audiocircle.com, here:


Hello from AXPONA 2016!




I'll be teaming up with Harbeth USA, and will have the latest LIO (new modules to be announced next month!)



2) High End Show in Munich, Germany (May 18 - 21, 2017)


This will be my first time at the Munich show - which many tell me has become *the* high end audio show of the world!


What makes this special is that I'll be teaming up with Clayton Shaw of Spatial Audio, and his European distributor.

I have been working with Clayton on his upcoming reference OB speakers... the X1.


Essentially, I'm coming out with LIO X1 modules. One will be a 4-channel amp (amp channel for each driver) with built-in

active crossover and EQ (all in the analog domain). The other will be an X1 active crossover / EQ module with line level

outputs (RCA or XLR) to be used with external power amps.


You can read more about this very exciting development, here: Custom LIO solutions for the new Spatial Audio X1 Uniwave Louspeakers!


and more about the X1, here: X1 Main — SPATIAL AUDIO, and here: SPATIAL AUDIO - X1 UNIWAVE INTRODUCTION


Munich will be the world debut of the LIO + Spatial X1... expect very high bang for the buck performance!



3) Los Angeles Audio Show (LAAS) - June 2 - 4, 2017


We'll be showing the LIO + Spatial X1's (USA debut) shortly after Munich, at the new LAAS. I already booked

a decent sized corner suite room for this show. LAAS has the potential to be the hottest USA show of 2017, and

it seems like many audio companies know this because the exhibit rooms are selling out in a flash!


4) RMAF 2017


Most likely RMAF will be next...




I'll be sure to update this thread as we get closer to the shows above, and I'll post show coverage threads on

this forum as well after each show.


I hope to see many of you in 2017 - please stop by to say "hi" and have a good listen. And don't forgot to bring

your music (USB stick, CD, LP...) and have a good time!




Vinnie Rossi


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Hi guys,


I won't be at CES and don't have any of my gear at that show. Unfortunately, it really isn't close to what is used to be 10 years ago when I first exhibited there. Let's face it - there are so many shows now!


I have a good feeling that in the USA, 2017's biggest home audio shows (most exhibitors and attendees) will be AXPONA and LAAS.

Then RMAF (the hotel will hopefully be finished with renovations this year).

Vinnie Rossi


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