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Linn Studio Master Downloads: Confusion on How to Use a Download Manager

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I recently purchased the Studio Master version of Linn's Bach/Matthew Passion. It consists of 101 tracks. Unfortunately, the Linn site does not have its own download manager built in, so I would have to perform 101 separate downloads without some type of 3d party software. The Linn site references Orbit as a download manager but gives no instruction on how to use it. I downloaded Orbit and spent a few minutes reviewing it but left without a clear sense of how the tool should be used. My download page on the Linn site still shows 101 separate tracks to be downloaded; I don't know what the next step should be.


Can anyone provide some guidance on how to use a download manager with these Linn files?




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Baxtus: can you describe how the download manager is used? I downloaded Orbit and it's not clear to me how to engage the tool.

If you have multiple tracks from Linn to download, how do you start the process?







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Hey jxo - I finally had some time to test this on my Windows machine. Open up the Orbit Download Manager. Click on the New button in the upper left. In the URL box paste this URL http://www.linnrecords.com/alltracks.aspx


In the Save To box you can change the location nor leave it as the default. This is where your files will download. Try clicking OK now to see if your files start downloading. If they don't you may have to enter a username and password. You can do this by clicking the New button again and following the same procedure. Instead of clicking OK this time click More and you'll see the spot to enter your information.


I know this isn't the most efficient way to do this because Orbit will save sites for you in the preferences, but for the sake of this thread it may be easiest to do it the way I explained. I will certainly help you set it up perfectly if you want. Just let me know. Also, let me know if you need screnshots and i'll put a few of them up on the site so you can follow them.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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I would also like to know how to successfully download and play these files on my Macbook Pro .

But so far I haven´t figured out how to actually do it, so I keep buying there SACDS insert the record in player and press play as easy as that!

In computer audio world on the other hand .....

To begin with it seems that I have to download flac? files and then something called Max according to Linn to be able to play theses files high rez in I-tunes.


I am, like I said in my first two posts here ,NOT a computer wizard.

And I am at a total loss how to actually succeed here.

I have tried to download the Max player or whatever it is called .

But can´t open it or make it work. There are two different files that I can download one at 4 MB and another one at 10mb !


How the hell am I going to know which one I need????


Or do I need both ?


It just seems to keep copying itself on my screen ,whenever I try .

Is there any readymade high Rez Player that works as things do in I-Tunes and that also works with OSX?


ie like an ordinary player where all you have to do is press play and the damned thing plays what you instructed it to play?????

And why the hell doesn´t I-Tunes accept high rez wav files?

I can see the potentials here in theory!

But so far, computer Audio seems ANYTHING BUT user friendly!

Apart from MID -FI I-Tunes, which works fine, but sounds crap.

And if I´m not reading completely wrong between the lines here Chris himself is having some trouble actually playing the discs he got from

Reference Recordings on his Macbook Pro????

Or why else is he so silent about them?

Am I the only one here who needs a clear, logical, step by step ,on screen instruction, on how to actually get into this new world of High rez Computer Audio and actually benefit from it?




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Hi Jim


I have not used Orbit. Maybe Chris can give you the clues here. If you don't end up liking Orbit, and decide to use Flashget, let me know! Flashget monitors the clipboard if you set it up that way so that if you copy a link location it will offer to add it to its download list. Once you set it up and get used to it, it is very efficient and stable.




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Hi Chrille - Thanks for the extremely honest post here! No need to worry, I can walk you through anything you need me to on your MacBook Pro. In fact I will create screenshots and step by step instructions for the whole Linn Records process. That way all the other people who haven't spoke up yet will benefit as well. I won't have time to do this until later today as my whole morning and early afternoon are pretty tied up.


Here are some general thoughts about your issues.


Linn doesn't offer AIFF or WAV so you do need to convert the FLAC file unfortunately (as you already know). The MAX application is really easy once you get it setup and I will create some instructions. I do believe there is a thread around here about this, but I can't locate it this morning :-)


iTunes can play all the high resolution music you throw at it. It will also accept high resolution WAV files. All your high resolution music, except FLAC files, cab be played in iTunes.


Now to address your speculation about the Reference Recordings HRx music that I recently received. I have absolutely no problem with these albums and am very excited to post a review of everything very soon. However, the DAC I received that can handle these files via FireWire has a small issue because it was a preproduction unit. I sent it back to Switzerland and in fact the DAC is now on its way to me and will be here by Thursday. So, the HRx music sounds fabulous, but should get better when I connect a DAC fully capable of 24/176.4.


Anyway, it sounds like you're a little frustrated and had to vent a little bit about your whole experience. Don't worry, we'll get it all figured out shortly :-)


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Thanks Chris, you're a saint.

I have tried the procedure a few times; I also clicked the More button and added my Linn username and password (I assume this was the info to add).

In each case, Orbit is only downloading the text on my download page-- i.e., it shows the text for each of the 101 tracks but the music files are not downloading.

Any advice?




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Chris: when I went to my Linn dowload page, I right clicked on the page and the window showed a "Download all by Orbit" selection. I chose it, selected all the files and it appears to be downloading the files now as we speak.... er, type. After the process is done, I will report back. Will convert to WAV pursuant to your other helpful advice to play on iTunes.


thanks again,





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