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Want to upgrade my CAS system (Win 7 PC>jitterbug>Halide Design DAC HD)


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Hello all, I would like to seek from here for upgrading my CAS system


Win 7 PC>jitterbug>Halide Design DAC HD>int. amp>speaker


When I compare my CAS system to my CD player (500 USD), the latter shows much more full bodied, more details, more punchy and dynamic, live-liked sound.


I listen to music when I use my PC, I have 100Gb flac file from my ripped CD, and 50% of time I use Spotify.


So my questions are:

-what is the bottleneck of my system? PC or DAC? or USB noise filter?

-should I give up PC as server? Is there any network audio player that can stream the sound from my PC (e.g. when I watch Youtube)? Currently I dont want to buy a NAS due to space capacity.


Thanks in advance, cheers.

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