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QNAP and JRiver

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Hi there

I am using a QNAP 219P since 5+ years now and I need another NAS: di anybody experienced the HS-251+ with JRiver?

Does this unit provide an USB asynchronous output so I can go straight to my DAC?

Is this unit woth using with JRiver on board or did somebody experienced any pitfalls?

I assume that DSD files and ISOs can be played since JRiver is there


Thank you so much

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I have a QNAP HS-251+ but I don't run JRiver MC on it. Instead, I run the Windows version of JRiver MC on my personal PC, my wife's PC and a Laptop. I also have a JRiver NUC that runs a packaged version of MC for Linux.


I intended to try out JRiver on the QNAP Nas but that plan is on hold. I went in another direction.


The QNAP people withdrew the JRiver software from sale on their online store. So JRiver on QNAP was in limbo. You can install the software outside the store but it may not be a well documented path.


I suggest that you look at QNAP oriented threads on the JRiver Linux forum


JRiver Media Center 22 for Linux

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