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Help needed with method to stream audio around house

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I have been using Windows Media Center on a HTPC connected via HDMI to a HiFi receiver in the lounge for playing music. After upgrading to Windows 10 I need a new audio player and would like to extend playback to be able to play the same track via the HiFi in the lounge and at the same time stream to another device e.g. iPad in the kitchen or another PC on the home LAN.


I am not sure where to start, can anybody help with advice on a way to do this please? I have some time over the holiday to experiment and get a working solution.


In summary, my requirements are:



  1. Nice GUI to control audio media playback with remote control in the lounge
  2. Be able to pass unprocessed audio signal directly to the Receiver for HiFi play back in the lounge
  3. Be able to stream same audio simultaneously to another device (either over wireless or to another device on the same LAN in the house)
  4. Be able to create dynamic playlists (I have lot of Windows Media player auto playlists that I would need to recreate)


I have found JRiver Media Center, not sure if this can do items 2 and 3 above. Are there other PC based server solutions I should look at as well?


Many thanks

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