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AirPods: First Look


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I forgot I ordered these to go with my iPhone 7+. Came early this morning.


First let me get this out of the way first, these are not a replacement for my IE800s, however, they are very cool and sound pretty good for what they are. IMO, these types of products is what makes Apple a great company (I am not an Apple fanboy and use all Windows computers).


Connection is a snap. Sound pretty good and certainly better than any crappy gimme that comes with any cel phone I have ever heard. Fit is the best of any in ear that Apple has ever released and one of the best I have experienced.


Worked out on my rower with them and they stayed in, no problem.


Some very cool features as well. Take ONE out and the music stops. Tap twice and Siri comes on and responds to your wish list; this will get better with time as there is a delay BUT great while working out just double tap and tell Siri to change to The Beatles and 20 seconds later Strawberry Fields.


Carrying case is also a battery that charges your AirPods. The case is really nice and compact with great ergonomics.


While pretty expensive these are the first Apple in ears I REALLY like.

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