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Ayre 5XKEmp SS Pre-Amp Stereophile recommended "A"

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Ayre 5XKEmp preamp in excellent condition inside and out. Stereophile A recommended component. $4400 new. $2200 + shipping and payment costs (if any). As an FYI, it's selling for $2600 and more on Audiogon.


Did you mean K-5xeMP?



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Music Server(s): Aurender N100H, Digital to Analog Converter(s): Audio Research DAC 8, Digital to Digital Converter: Bryston BUC-1, Preamplifier: Ayre K-5xeMP, Amplifier(s): Ayre V-5xe, Loudspeakers: Revel Ultima Salon 2, Interconnects: Kimber PBJ, Cardas Clear, Bryston AES/EBU, Loudspeaker Cables: Kimber PR8, Miscellaneous: Oppo BDP 95 disk player, CJ Walker turntable Jelco SA-750D tone arm, Ortofon 2M black cartridge, Magnum Dynalab tuner, Dream System: I've got it!, Headphones: Sennheiser HD600, Grado PS500e, Headphone Amplifier(s):Graham Slee Novo

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