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Blu-Ray the new DVD-A?

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Hi ggking7 - I was multitasking to the max when I responded earlier. Thanks for the link, there is a ton of high resolution stuff on that site. Do you know what the MVI discs are? I am guessing video, but not totally sure.


I have a few of the HDAD discs and I actually ripped them last night to my music server.


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From Wikipedia


MVI stands for Musical Video Interactive, a DVD based means of packing audio, video and interactive visual content (for example lyrics) onto one disk. The first commercial disc released with this techonlogy was Snakes & Arrows by Rush on May 15, 2007.


The audio content is provided in multiple formats, including a high-definition version (a minimum of 24-bit at 48kHz sampling) and an MP3 version for copying to portable audio players. The video content is compatible with DVD video, and can also optionally include high-definition video.


Also here is the home page http://www.mvimusic.com/


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UPDATED: My Audio Systems -> https://audiophile.style/system

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Hi Chris,


Man I hope you are wrong about that.


I was cheering Sony all along to win the format war because I am hoping for Hi-Rez Music! I have been an early adopter geek for longer that I or my bank account care to admit. Since the demise of DVD-A and SACD for the mainstream I'm still hoping artists that care about the warm analog sound qualities will explore Blu-Ray.


Done properly DVD-A and SACD (192KHz) sound real close to vinyl in my book without the friction hiss!


I hope someone goes for it!





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Hi Magoo - Thanks for the post. I hope I am wrong any time I predict the failure of a high resolution format for audio :-) There are some major hurdles to clear before Bluray can be successful in the high end audio community. These are insurmountable, but almost in my opinion. Do you know if Sony will allow any Bluray players to output a full resolution digital signal so we can use an external DAC?


I agree that properly done DVD-A and SACD sounded fabulous and I certainly purchased enough of those discs to be wary of any new physical media based format.


We'll all have to keep an eye out for more details.


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UPDATED: My Audio Systems -> https://audiophile.style/system

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This is a supremely subjective, speculative answer to the question of Bluray becoming the next hi rez audio format. The answer is no because of the very short distance from a large caliber, hand held pistol to the feet. My way of saying that this industry has consistently shot themselves in the foot every chance they get and I have little or no hope that their aim will deteriorate.




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