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well recorded Trumpet music?


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+1 to the latest Akimusire. A few others: Avishai Cohen's "Into the Silence," ECM, 2016. You can get it on HDtracks at 88.2/24 PCM. Beautiful but sad. Or Kenny Wheeler's final album, "Songs for Quintet," also on ECM, available PCM 96/24 on HDtracks. Maybe not as ethereally recorded as those, but very lively, Alex Sipiagin's "Destinations Unknown," which I just ripped from a CD I bought.

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The entire album is amazing, but Variations for Trumpet should do the job for you. If you can find it, the vinyl is great. I have a CD version that's also pretty fine.




I've never seen a CD of this one, but I have the original Sheffield vinyl and it's absolutely stellar. This one is well worth the effort it will take to find it.




And almost any recording I've ever heard of the great Rafael Mendez is better than average, with Trumpet Spectacular being all that and much more.

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Erik Truffaz - Bending New Corners, fantastic album and well recorded

Clark Terry - The Alternate Blues album, awesome album from a stellar line up, very well recorded as well

Sources are: Mac Mini 2010 / Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace c/w Jelco 750 D and Denon DL 103 MC cartridge. Phono Stage: EAR 834P. Power Amp: Audio Note Empress Silver into a Hattor passive pre. DAC: Lampizator Atlantic and Humming Board NAA Speakers: Horns.pl Mummys. Cables: Duelund DC 16 GA  - Audionote AN-SPX 27 Strand RCA and Albedo Silver RCA and Western Electric WE 16 GA. All digital music played through a Mac Mini using Roon and HQP. Power Supply: Gigawat PC2-EVO

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Bach's 2nd Brandenburg Concerto is a trumpet concerto.


This version is well recorded:


Bach : Concerts avec plusieurs instruments - IV | Johann Sebastian Bach par Café ZimmermannÂ*– Download and listen to the album



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Hard to beat this track..


Appreciation of audio is a completely subjective human experience. Measurements can provide a measure of insight, but are no substitute for human judgment. Why are we looking to reduce a subjective experience to objective criteria anyway? The subtleties of music and audio reproduction are for those who appreciate it. Differentiation by numbers is for those who do not." — Nelson Pass

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my first thought of course but how well was he recorded 50+ years ago?

Someday My Prince Will Come and Miles Smiles are pretty good for SQ. Cookin' sounds pretty fine on the SACD I've heard. Cookin' was part of a 4 album marathon that Miles did to fulfill his contract with Prestige before he could switch to Columbia. Even though they were rushed in 2 sessions to end his obligation, and they're really short (like half an hour per album, as I recall), they sound pretty good. I've heard them all but only own Cookin' and Workin' on vinyl (which also sound really good, although I've had them so long and played them so often that my copies are not what they once were).


That last Prestige blast was the classic quintet in fine form, too - 'Trane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Philly Joe. The music is very exciting and belies the circumstances under which it was recorded.


The MD quintet's Live in Europe is also very well recorded and sounds pretty fine even though I think the whole thing is mono. Some of the mono recordings from the '50s actually have great sound quality, too.

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my first thought of course


but how well was he recorded 50+ years ago?


the goal here is to test the speakers; later on I'll focus on my favorites


In my opinion, Miles Davis has some really good recordings, which are top in SQ.


Someday My Prince Will Come

Seven Steps To Heaven

My Funny Valentine

Round About Midnight

Relaxin' with The Miles Davis Quintet


All of them are available as a High-Res / DSD version.

Miles' trumpet is recorded excellent, and it is not easy for a test. Not only for speakers, but for all components.


I would start with "Someday My Prince Will Come" 24-bit or DSD. I have a SACD and the AP-DSD.

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Sergei Nakariakov is the best classical trumpeter I've ever heard, and his recordings for Teldec are phenomenal. The "Carmen Fantasy" (based on the Franz Waxman work for violin & orchestra) is my personal favorite (Teldec 4509-94554-2). He recorded this as a teenager, and his virtuosity is incredible as is the sound quality. See his website at:




“Sergei Nakariakov plays the trumpet the way the rest of us breathe – if we are lucky”

San Francisco Chronicle




Nuprime CDP-9 w/Teradak DC-30 LPS/Mivera ICEedge 1200AS2 Class D amplifer/Tekton Impact Monitors/2 Emotiva DSP 10 Subs/Emotiva CMX-2 Line fliter-DC offset

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