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Simple Flac to mp3 utility


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I am building my library of flac files. I will need to convert aabout 500-600 to mp3 for a small portable player. I am a small "a" Audiophile so I am hoping to get some advice on a simple click and pick utility.


I have played around with Windows 10 Batch Converter...so slow.


Any suggestions?

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You could try JRiver Media Center's audio file format converter tool. Even though it's (slightly) more than click & pick, it's very straight forward to use for batch converting - once you've configured the conversion format & destination for the converted files. It's bundled with the PonoMusic World music management software, a free cut down version of JRMC:


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Audio converter. I've been using it for a while and it does everything I need.

Simple to use, low system overhead.

Works great.

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