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Problem with USB HD sleeping, is a NAS the answer?

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Looking for suggestions / solutions...I have an external (Lacie) USB drive that holds my iTunes library, attached to my Mac Mini. I don't really use iTunes as the music player, that is done with either Sonos or Roon. For the Roon setup, I have connected to my Airport Extreme is an FMC > fiber > FMC> MicroRendu >DAC. I use the Roon app on a new iPad as the control. Often times i get the 'failed to load media' message when trying to stream files off the Lacie drive, which is usually remedied by going upstairs and waking up the Mac, I have no problems when streaming Tidal. In the Mac settings i have unchecked 'put hard disks to sleep when possible'.

I have thought about getting a NAS but one issue is that all the LAN ports are taken on the Airport router and I'm not crazy about the idea of using another switch. Should i just plug the Lacie drive into the available USB port on the router?

I don't need much space either, my library is less than 500GB. Seems like a different router with more LAN ports is the only way to add a NAS?


Thanks for any suggestions

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It's the external drive itself going to sleep. Try a different brand like Seagate. I have 4 external drives. The Lacie drives are the only ones I have that do this. I contacted them to see if I could have them stay on but was told no.Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile


Thanks, i had a feeling it was the Lacie drive itself.

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