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USB Neotech UP OCC Silver...do you know it?


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There is anybody who had the chance to try this NEUB-1020-1 Neotech USB 2.0 cable, UP-OCC Silver,?

Neotech is an amazing supplier of 7n copper and silver for audio cables but I didnt find nothing about finished cables.

thanks guys


The USA distributor doesn't appear to have a web presence. And no dealers are listed.

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I have not used a Neotech USB cable.


It is a bit of a mystery. I have done hours of research on the internet and not much is available. As far as I can ascertain they make really good stuff. The product is used in interconnects and speaker cables, mostly branded as something else. Apparantly many of the "branded" products are actualy Neotech products.


I bought a lot of their interconnects on an auction. I sold some and still use some.


IMO really good value for money.

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No experience with their finished cables...


Like the OP, I have had good experience with their UPOCC copper wire. I made all my power and speaker cables with it. Certainly curious to try their silver wire, but little interest in their finished cables.



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I'm pretty sure the silver USB cables in this link are made from either branded or unbranded Neotech cable:


Digital Cables (OCC copper and OCC silver) + Audio Sensibility


I have no affiliation with the company other than as a satisfied consumer. I've had great success anytime I emailed with questions. It might be worth an email to ask any questions you have about the cable you're looking at.


Good luck.

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