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FS: Devialet Expert 200 (eligible for "recent buyer" upgrade discount)

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For sale: Devialet Expert 200 in perfect condition. I'm the first owner. Recently purchased with fully transferable warranty.


MSRP $9495. Marking for quick sale at $3975.


If you're looking at Devialet, you know just how awesome this integrated amp is. Exceptional reviews abound... here's one from Robert Harley @ The Absolute Sound:


Devialet 200/400 Integrated Amplifier/Streaming DAC | The Absolute Sound


This is a great path to replace amp, preamp, DAC, phono pre, streamer and an abundance of cables & clutter with a single component that will sound amazing and save you $$ (it certainly did for me).


For some, one big incentive to buy this now is that Devialet is offering, through year end, a "recent buyer" 35% discount to upgrade the 200 to the new 220 Pro. The discounted upgrade is fully transferable and I'll provide the discount coupon code. So here's a way to get essentially a brand new 220 Pro for a huge discount off MSRP. In addition, for those that upgrade before year-end, Devialet will provide the new streaming board (customer installable) FREE of charge once the board is released early next year. Devialet says this board alone will carry an $1800 price tag next year.


Contact me here or at mdconnelly at gmail

Win 10 PC -> Roon -> Sonore µRendu -> Devialet 440 Pro -> Von Schweikert VR-35 speakers

Durham, NC


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