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Ethernet VS USB resolution limits?

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I've noticed that many DACs that offer both USB and Ethernet connections limit the Ethernet connection to resolutions below what the unit will do with USB. For example, PCM above 192K and higher rate DSD files aren't supported if they come in via Ethernet but are via USB. Does anyone know why this is? Ethernet is more than fast enough to feed these larger files, what am I missing?


As another example, look at the brand new Bricasti M12 specs on their website.







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I'm guessing it's more about processing the files. With USB, the files are processed externally by a separate computer. DACs that include Ethernet do the processing internally, and those with a less powerful processor may have to impose limits.


It could also be just due to code limitations such that only a minimum feature set is included at first, with the plan to eventually scale it out.



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