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Will a Thunderbolt 3 (USB C) port provide adiquette power to AudioTechnica M50x?


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Hi, I'm a newbie audiophile and am getting the AudioTechnica M50x headphones as and also just got a 2016 MacBook Pro which has Thunderbolt 3 USB C ports as well as an auxiliary port. Will a USB C to Auxillary converter supply enough power to get the most out of these headphones, is the stock aux port fine, or should I get an external headphone amplifier? Thanks!

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I believe you would have gotten a more direct reply if this question was asked in the speakers and headphones section.


The immense popularity of DAC/Amp combinations for headphone use should be your first clue if heading in the audiophile direction. Which posits not the question will it work but will it work in a manner that is most fitting to my use. Asking a laptop to commit large portions of its power to driving headphones is not the ideal solution. Adapters are not an ideal solution. Isolating the music from interference and prodding it towards being cleanly powered to fully capture the recorded image is.


Please describe you tastes in music and desired outcome more fully. The Mac is a good start. You may find something like an Audioquest USB device is your entryway. Or a less portable and more fully featured unit with a wall wart may meet your needs more fully. If you will rarely listen at home the latter is much closer to meeting your needs but may be improved on.


I'm not sure how well your chosen cans will work without an amp in the mix. At 38 ohms they should work though.

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