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Pink noise in iTunes?

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Thanks Chris, that's perfect! I've got a pair of Cambridge Soundworks Model Sixes that I pulled out of the den to put into temporary duty as near fields in my office. But when I get that close to them and listen that critically, It's hard to ignore the nasal edge in the upper mids. I remember reading about them needing a long break-in time, and they don't have many hours on them at all...that system just doesn't get used much in my house...so I thought I'd run pink noise through them for a few days and see if they smooth out a bit.


I doubt they'll get smooth enough. The problem I have back there in the office is my reference -- Sennheiser HD580s, backed up by ridiculous overkill in the power supply and headroom departments. The bass doesn't get in the way at all, as it can if they aren't powered properly, and the mids are ultra smooth and grainless, with, of course, no crossover problems to get in the way. Thus my interest in the single-drivers. I'd love to get some semblance of that sound out into the air.




I confess. I\'m an audiophool.

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