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Yamaha NX-N500


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Does anyone have any first hand experience with these? I read the review here at CA and that basically has me sold.


I'm in the market for a pair of speakers for my office at home. They will be solely used in conjunction with my MacBook Pro and likely connected via USB.


These will be my first nice speakers and I'm hoping to hit a home run and have a set that I will be pleased with for years and years to come. I have looked at the Yamaha HS7, which would require an audio interface.


I'm very attracted to the Yamaha look, aesthetically but also the idea of 'flat response' is very appealing to me. Minimal coloration of the music is what I'm looking for.


Would love to hear any first hand experiences or see pictures of setups with these. I'm like 95% sold on these. Just need a little extra shove.



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I also have seen the speakers. I want to replace my current setup which consists of a pair of Dali zensor 1, a Denon PMA 720 AE and a brand new optoma nu force udac5. I will reduce the clutter on my desk and of course the wireless feature is a must. But I wonder about the quality and how better could it be.


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