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Audirvana 2.7 (or 3.0) wish list


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Now that A+ 2.6 is successfully out, I guess we can start another wish list for future versions of A+ so Damien has some ideas to chose from.


I'm pretty sure he has a roadmap going forward (Damien, feel free to share), but here are a couple of ideas from my side:



On the MacOS side


- General: Why is the filter/column browser limited to track mode? Would be great if the filters could apply also to album view

- Tagging: Now that multiple artists are formally supported, it would be great to be able to somehow automatically split the existing artists into multiples automatically. Mine are always separated by a semicolon, Damien, this should be relatively easy to extract into multiple artists, correct?

- Qobuz integration: Would love to be able to do shared playlists with local and Qobuz content. And the new Beta UI of the Qobuz app looks quite attractive, are there elements that can be taken into the A+ UI?


On the iOS App side:


- The search function on the MacOs side is now so much more powerful. Will this be transferred to the iOS app as well?

- I agree with the comment by many other users previously that access to the most used functions, i.e. play/stop and volume, are hidden to deep and often require several clicks to get to. it would be great if at least start-stop would always be available, and volume (or a mute button) via a one click only.

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Same as last Year :


- NAA output


- LastFM scrobbler support


...and more SQ improvement, of course.

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On the MacOS side


- General: Why is the filter/column browser limited to track mode? Would be great if the filters could apply also to album view


Yes, that is a major irritation. Maybe my recollection is foggy, but I thought it didn't used to work like that.

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mRendu functionality.

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It would be quite cool if you could "swipe" to the next album in "playing" in the remote.

The ability to create "presets" for filtersettings would be a big help during evaluation of such.

Combined with the ability to chose different filters from the remote would be amasing.


In the remote under "albums" there is a vertical line with letters for quick access.

It's a bit thin so I would appreciate if it could be a few mm's wider

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Same as last Year : - NAA output- LastFM scrobbler support...and more SQ improvement, of course.



.... and convolution


Fir filters intégration like in JRiver and Hq player

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NAA output (including Audio Units processing).

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Please add "does not contain" argument in smart playlist creation.


+1 ! Very missing selection. Should be among The easiest to implement ...[emoji57]



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1. Ability to edit playlist from A+ iOS remote app. (Been suggested before by many others)


2. Ability to delay playback until tracks are fully loaded into memory.


This would be massive for me. I think this would help a perennial issue I've had with A+ for years. Playback stalls three seconds from the end of the first track played.


This is when I upsample (both in PCM or DSD). It's not every time, but almost. Pausing it manually seems to help, but may not be a magic bullet either.


I imagine it's in large part because of my slow 2010 mini (8gb RAM).


I have mentioned this elsewhere, so apologies for the cross-posting... it's something I would be most grateful for.



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For me my requests are for the A+ iOS remote app using Tidal.

1) I like the A+ remote to be closer to Tidal iOS app.

2) I like to be able to jump to the artist from an album playing to access all other albums from the same artist

3) be able to have similar artist in the app like mac version

4) be able to sort Tidal albums by date released

5) have track, artist and genres radio




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Please return the option to show ARTIST tag in list view (besides your in 2.6 new implemented 'grouped' ARTISTS tag).

You let us list SOLIST but you don't let us list ARTIST - but both of them are artists and important tags to handle with (e.g. sorting). All other audio libraries support the ARTIST tag, no?

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+1. I am also missing the opportunity to sort on the "artist" tag. I liked it in 2.5.4. Damien explained why it was deleted, but I still do not get it. IMHO it is a change that is not an improvement... just my 2 cents.


But overall, I must say, I like 2.6. Just great stuff.


Kind regards, WAM

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