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Anyone try running Roon on a MS Surface Pro?


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setting the stage: My current setup will not allow me to run Roon without dropouts (Roon Core running on Synology 1513+ NAS, via Gigabit ethernet switch wired to Auralic Altair).


My options appeared to be: a. forget about Roon and use Lightniong DS or Lumin/Minimserver, both of which work fine (and yes, I know Roon is different and I know the Synology does not have the horsepower needed), but I paid for the license, so I have another 9 months to fret over how to make it work :)

b. Get another device on which to run Roon (e.g. Sonictransporter) to sit between the NAS and the Altair.


I am wondering about a third option. I have lying around a MS Surface Pro with a Core i5 CPU, 4GB Ram and 128GB of storage, which seems remarkably close to a standard sonictransporter config (with the possible exception of the ram, but then it is free/already paid for).

I just installed Roon on the tablet and am scanning my library, which will take a day or more at this rate.


Just curious: have any of you tried using a Surface tablet in this way? And if yes:

1. did you use it for roon core or also as roon remote?

2. did you connect wirelessly or wired (ethernet to usb)?

3. Did it work for you or not? What was your experience?

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I was not clear perhaps. RoonCore (or whatever one calls the server bit, which eats up all the CPU and which will not run on the Synology) is running on the Surface pro, with a Corei5 CPU and 128GB SSD. The Synology is now only a music folder. For Roonremote, I can use either my trusty Ipad, or I can try using the Surface Pro (but I think I will prefer leaving it connected to the LAN via a usb 2 ethernet dongle and use it as I would a NUC or sonictransporter).

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Was able to perform the briefest of testing this weekend. Connected the Surface pro to my wifi in the same room / the same circuit as the rest of the equipment. Using the Ipad as Roonremote and the Surface Pro as the RoonCore, I was able to play several files up to 24/192 and DSD 64 without dropouts. DSD256 still crashed, but more experimentation to come. Still trying to create a wired connection from the Surface pro using the usb port (USB to ethernet dongle which works fine on my laptop but not (yet) on te surface pro)...

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Currently playing DSD256 in Roon without dropouts! YAY.


Surface pro is connected to my LAN using a USB-2-Ethernet dongle and I have not experienced a single dropout so far.


Could be a way to recycle an old surface pro you have lying around (or which can be bought used for 250 bucks).

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