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USB 3.0 question


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Hi Phil,

in my dual pc setup I own a Gygabyte 2807 as NAA with WS 2012 R2 Essentials and AO v. 2.00.

Two days ago I've moved the usb cable that go to iFi iUsb Power (which is connected to North Star Design Supremo dac) from the USB 2.0 port pf my mini-pc, to the USB 3.0 port (because shortly I will change the iUsb Power with the iUsb Micro 3.0, and I wanted to verify if there is some possible problem); now I have some casual disconnection between pc server and naa; in most cases I solve by clicking in "Network Mapping" in HQPlayer on pc server.

I wonder if AO optimization can affect the 3.0 port behaviour or not.

Of course before of changing the position of usb cable, I made a Reset by service tool and then run AO again.


Sorry for my english that is far from perfect...



Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile

- Pc Server: Win 10 Pro 64bit with two NICs (one dedicated to JPLAY/HQPlayer) with Fidelizer Pro/Process Lasso

- NAA Pc: Gygabyte 2807 - Windows Server 2016 Virtual Core Mode with AO v. 2.20b6 and Process Lasso

- Wireworld Starlight usb 3.0 (from NAA) + iGalvanic 3.0 + Furutech GT2 USB cable + iFi iUsb Micro 3.0 + Oyaide Continental 5S Silver (to DAC) 

- dac T+A DAC 8 DSD  - preamplifier Audio Research LS22r - amplifier Mark Levinson 27.5 - loudspeakers Dynaudio Confidence C1

- Interconnets: Kimber Kable Select - Loudspeaker Cables: Kimber Kable 8TC

- Headphones: Focal Utopia   - Headphone Amplifier: Bryston BHA-1

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Well, AO has an USB optimization, this does "tweak" the OS handling of the USB ports on the software side. But these tweaks are in AO since years and running on several thousand machines. You would be the first one to have an "AO-related" USB problem. So no, its pretty safe to say AO is not causing your issue.

Btw, you do not need to do a reset via ServiceTool if you just change the USB port where you plug in your cable, no worries.




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