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David Clark Aviation Headset


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I am toying with the idea of a headphone setup and my dad has a set of David Clarks that he got probably like 25 years ago when he was working. I guess these are aviation sound cancellation type headsets, which mean nothing to me might as well be Latin, but he told me these were from a military contract for helicopter pilots or something.


I am just curious if anyone has heard of David Clark and if aviation type headphones were be a good setup for audio listening? This set has no model number so I cannot quote anything other than the manufacturer. They look to be in mint condition and are pretty comfy on the head. The are pretty standard, grey colored materials, nothing fancy but seem really high quality from a material and fit perspective.

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first, i love david clark headsets -- i have a private pilots license and have one. they are super comfy and incredibly well made.


i would doubt that these would be good for music -- they're designed to isolate outside noise and communicate human voices clearly.


give it a shot and see what you think, though. you never know . . . .

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