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​Cable Burn In?

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That is certainly a possibility. As I stated this will be my test to see if burnin makes any difference. Too early to make that conclusion. That's the point - to test if burnin actually makes a difference???



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It didn't rhyme until I left it burn in on the thread for a bit, then I came back and it was lyrical and stuff.


The quality of a cable is in the beholder's eye



That’s why I prefer DIY



I don’t mind if that casts me alone



I just prefer to make my own



Exotic claims will come and go



Some covertly tinker at shows



All I know is what makes sense



Little does when price is immense



Some are dizzy with lust and glory



I didn’t quite buy that story



I’m no engineer, it’s easy to do



Anyone can, certainly you



Take to your irons and make perfect lengths



Then you will hear your system’s strengths

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IME, happened more then once, when changing cables and op amps, one Interconnect I used took around 1000hrs ...

Initially the cable sounded good, but not as good as the settled in, burnt in, demo cable, I was advised to wait and continue with the burn in hours. Next the sound became very top end happy a little scritchy bass vanished, after a while the top end softened considerably to vague and muffled, and bass bloomed to big and flabby, not what I was after, the bass slowly became deeper and tighter, the treble became clear and smooth and yes it did end up so much better than when first plugged in and it did go through some unbelievable changes.. I don't understand why or how but it was interesting hearing the differences through burn in.... (IME ;-) )

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