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Onkyo Receiver Issues


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I'm not quite sure what part of the internet to post this question. Google had brought me here so I may as well try my question with you people.


I have an Onkyo HT-R290 Receiver, which I believe is low end. I know nothing of the internals, only that it works (or used to now).


Today I started by putting on some music, played from my phone through a 3.5mm - 2xRCA cable.


At first I didn't notice the problem, music was playing fine. But after about 20 minutes I had to turn it off. At the higher volumes - anything above 30 - I had a really strange noise coming from the speakers. The song plays fine, but it seems like any sound between 2khz-8khz is magnified. This results in a migraine causing sound, as if the volume was at 70 with those levels.


I tried diagnosing the problem myself, and here's what I tried:

- Disabled all equalizer, effects, additional audio options. Basically just the naked sound coming from the audio source.

- Switched to a different source... Streamed the music from my phone to my Chromecast (to eliminate the cable).

- Turned off all ESP, effects, etc from my phone as well.

- Took a 50ft long 3.5mm cable and went directly to my receiver from my PC in another room.


All of this done, I still have that annoying sound. I tried different songs, different artists, games, everything.


I'm not sure if it's the receiver or the speakers themselves, I have no other speakers to test the receiver with unfortunately.

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Without a second set of speakers to test .... I am guessing your receiver is shot. You could post on the Amplifier Section of "Audiogon Forms" and see if anybody there has a suggestion, good luck.

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