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Liquid Music in high resolution throught wi-fi

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I am starting to build a liquid music system using a squeezebox duet.

The problem is that I would use a quality dac that was able to receive in wifi (802.11n ?) the files in high resolution (24/192) that are on my workstation PC (vista 64) with 1,5 TB disk.


What software on PC to manage the trasmission in wi.fi?

What Dac?

What D-link machines?







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What is your budget (total and/or per piece)?

SB Duet does not do 24/192; how is Duet in this scenario?

If using SB Duet and down converting 24/192 to 24/48, then Squeezebox Server and a wireless router takes care of getting hirez to your Duet. The you'd go SPDIF to DAC?

What DAC you say??? There are dozens, all commented on here (do a search). Budget $$ will help us narrow. DACs aren't wireless, the pc files -to-transport might be.

What D-link machines?? What do you mean? Why D-Link?

What is liquid music anyway?








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Now i have the duet but duet does not work in high resolution, so I would change and to do an upgrade, of quality too.

The budget is important but I would know what is the next scenario.

For Dac I would take one who is receveiving the digital data (24/192) by wifi.

In alternative I would buy a rosetta 200 or a prism. Rosetta 200 does not have an input wi-fi .

But the problem are what have I to buy , after the rosetta?

You say that DACs aren't wireless ... ok... what I have to put connected to dac to receive the trasmission from PC wireless? and what software to manage all?


PS for D-Link I mean digital link wireless

for liquid music I mean music without media (CD/sACD/DVD) on hard disk of pc



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Let me rephrase what I believe to be your questions.


You want a music server that will stream wireless to your dac at high resolutions.


This sounds like the Linn DS range of equipment. They are practically the only ones that fit the bill.


Another option would be to control a music server from your PC using remote desktop. Then, you just need a dac with USB or firewire (hopefully well implemented) and you're set.


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