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Best Sounding Diana Krall?

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The thing with DK and all others who try to imitate Astrud Gilberto is that it sounds too forced.


Dusty sings Bacharach's Bossa-leaning songs well though (not saying that Dusty was imitating Astrud).


I thought DK's Live in Paris album sounded good for a Live one.


We have a few of the studio albums, but as you can now see, I prefer listening to the source: Vinicius de Moraes, Joao and Astrud Gilberto, Jobim, and Dusty's 'The Look of Love' is second to none - all others are pale attempts.


Oh yes!!

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The Girl in the Other Room is my favourite Diana Krall album too, but for pure sound quality, I think The Look of Love might have the edge. It's available from HDTracks in 24/96 or 24/192, as I recall. I haven't heard it in DSD.


For my ears no audio quality can compensate for boredom, wich is the mental state that most DK performances bring to me.

But, from all the mentioned, "The Girl in The Other Room" sounds very good and is, in my opinion, DK best album to date.

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I am of a similar mind; Astrud has a natural slight low-key tone which goes with the nonchalance of De Moraes' environment at the time, she actually lived and breathed with these guys.


The issue is when others try to imitate that off-key singing... it doesn't sound very natural at all. For me, DK, like many others try, but do not reach there.


But that suavity which goes with Bacharach's Bossa-inspired works, Dusty has it.


I guess you would probably enjoy Rosa Passos...

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