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High Fidelity Ultimate Reference RCA 1.5 M cables $2750

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I am offering these for less than the used prices for lesser 'ultimate' series.


"Once you hear what magnetic conduction technology could do for your system, there is no turn back...absolutely stunningly musical sound!!!


High Fidelity Cables uses magnetic conduction technology to preserve the quality of audio signals and reproduce music more accurately.


Most people think of an audio system as an electrical device. It would be more accurate to call it a magnetic device. Electricity powers the components, but it's magnetism that makes the music. It is a magnetic force that moves your speakers, causing them to vibrate and create sound.


This magnetism at the end of your signal path actually begins at your wall outlet, and is present throughout your entire system. The AC (alternating current) power drawn from your wall produces a magnetic field. This field is actually a series of waves whose frequencies vary with the electrical signal. Electricity induces magnetism, and vice versa: the two are inseparable."


Two remaining pair RCA:


1 Pair of RCA 1.5 Meter, measure almost 6' end to end. $2750 obo

1 Pair of RCA 1.5 Meter, measure almost 6' end to end. $2750 obo


SOLD: 1 Pair Speaker - $6500 OBO. .


I will ship well packaged but not with the original cases.


PayPal add 3.5%

Buyer pays shipping.

Offers within 10% of list price is considered



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