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Mac min advice please

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Folks, 3 quick things:


1. I get very slow ripping speed on my mini - it's the early 2009 version with 2G of RAM and the 320G drive. Sometimes my superdrive spins like a tornado is going thru and I get rip speeds in the 12-15x range, but most of the time it's in the 5-8x range. Do I have a bad drive?


2. I get terrible wireless reception on this min. I had to extend my network using an Express and it's still not great. The signal in the room in question just ok, but the mini is sill not great. Normal for others of you? I know the Macbooks are better reception wise.


3. Where can I get good glass toslink cable mini-to-regular to connect this guy to my new DAC via toslink. I'm changing out from a USB DAC. If you happen to in Canada (Toronto specifically) and can refer, that would be great. If not, please refer a remote buy option


Many thanks in advance, Paul


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