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DVD-A High-Resolution Audio

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I was going to start an LP collection for the "high-resolution" sound, but I was reading the DVD-A Wikipedia page and it sounds like ripping high-resolution audio from DVD-A discs is easy. Has anyone tried this? Does it result in a bit-perfect copy like ripping a CD does?




Does anyone know of a list of DVD-A titles?


I have a great DAC now but it can't do more than 16-bit/48khz. I did read this:




and the Scott Nixon USB DAC is mentioned. Does anyone know if that USB DAC will do 24-bit audio?


Is there a good source for mainstream high-resolution digital material other than DVD-A?


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Hi ggking7 - I've done it before and as far as I can tell the resulting files are perfect copies. I only do this with the DVD-Audio discs I own so I can play the high resolution back from my laptop. I would go into greater detail, but I'm concerned with the possible legal ramifications. However, I am quite sure that many Computer Audiophile readers would actually purchase DVD-Audio discs if they new they could rip the high resolution music to their music server. That's a discussion for another day.


I'm not real familiar with the Scott Nixon DACs. I highly recommend checking out Wavelength Audio, Benchmark, and Empirical Audio for USB DACs that will do 24/96 natively.


Sources of good mainstream high resolution material other than DVD-A are hard to find. Mainstream is the key here. Linn Records and iTrax both offer DRM-Free 24/96 downloads, but the content is not what I consider mainstream. MusicGiants offers mainstream 24/88.2 content but it is DRM'd so playback options are limited. I suggest browsing around though and you may find some MG content that doesn't have DRM.


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I just thought of another DAC that I am told will do 24/96 via native USB. I can't verify this right now. Here is the link to the E-MU 0404 USB 2.0. I think the unit is on sale many places for about $200.


My main sources for DVD-Audio discs are Acoustic Sounds and Music Direct. These two have just about every DVD-A available.


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This is frustrating. I've found a bunch of great high-res source material here:




but I don't think there exists a DAC to fit the bill. It should do 24-bit/192khz via USB or firewire, be audiophile-grade, be somewhat portable, and not be too expensive. Some DACs do some of these, but I can't find one that does all *at any price*. I guess I'll have to wait. Is there anything on the horizon?


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Hey ggking7 - You've come to the right place for this answer! I will be reviewing the Weiss Engineering FireWire DAC called the Minerva. This DAC will do 24/192 no problem! I received the DAC from Switzerland last week, but had to send it back do to a preproduction issue since the model I received was not an officially released version.


Anyway, I should have the DAC back in my hands by the end of this week and will have a full review on it shortly.


Here is a link to their DAC and converter that will allow you to use FireWire output to another type of DAC and still get 24/192.




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The Apogee Mini-DAC Firewire will actually do 24-bit/192khz over its firewire connection. It's supposed to sound great too. This is the closest thing I've found. Looks like it can be had new for $900 with Firewire from several online stores. I'd prefer USB and a lower price but this is pretty good.


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Hi ggking7, you don't say whether you are on a Mac or PC, the Terratec DMX 6Fire USB (http://www.terratec.net/en/products/DMX_6Fire_USB_2084.html) does 24/192 over USB currently only on PC but I have emailed Terratec and they said Mac drivers would be available around September.


However, I am a bit wary as to whether it will end up doing 24/192 on a Mac, since I can only go up to 24/96 in Core Audio (Audio MIDI setup).


Also the EMU 0404 USB linked previously in this thread states it will only do 96k analogue and 48k digital currently on a Mac, so perhaps it would pay to be cautious with the Terratec unit too.


Obviously if you are running a PC, you should be ok, but then there are other issues (kmixer etc.)



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Actually, just a thought based on the thread linked in my previous post, but how about getting a soundcard or mobo with an SP/DIF or Toslink output? I think there will be more DACs available that will do 24/192 over this interface (correct me if I am wrong).



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I looked into the USB vs. SPDIF thing a while ago and I concluded that USB was theoretically much better.


As for audio on Linux, it's actually no big deal. The USB DAC just needs to be a standard USB audio device and then it works in Linux just fine using the standard USB audio driver. Most USB DACs work fine. The hard part right now is finding a portable 192khz USB DAC with RCA output.


The Apogee Mini-DAC Firewire is tempting but I would have to buy firewire adapters for my music server and laptop, plus the fact that it's pro-audio as opposed to audiophile puts me off a bit. Maybe it shouldn't though.


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I believe the Benchmark DAC1 USB and E-MU 0404 USB both do 24/192 via USB. I can't tell how big the Benchmark is for sure, but it doesn't look portable to me. The E-MU is pro-audio and doesn't even have RCA output.


I have a feeling there will be a wide selection soon but we just aren't there yet.


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