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Luxman D-100R DAC & iPod/iPhone Docking Station

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The Luxman D-100R combines a sweet Luxman-engineered DAC with an iPod and iPhone docking station. The D-100R's sculpted, compact aluminum chassis represents true Luxman quality. It also comes with a heavy-duty metal remote control that allows you to change track/menu selection, volume control, and mute functions.


The high-end features include:

* Grabs the digital audio signal from the iDevice and converts it to analog with internal DAC

* That DAC offers some of the best sound-quality you can find from an iDevice

* Charges your iPhone or iPod while docked

* Controls your iDevice using the Luxman remote handset

* Standard analog RCA connectors allow connection to preamp, integrated amp, audio/video receiver, etc.


While originally designed for the 30-pin Apple connector, the D-100R will work with later Apple iDevices -- such as an iPhone 5 or 6 -- using an approved Apple adapter. The D-100R is only compatible with iDevices made after 2008. 5th Generation iPod, 1st Gen iPod Touch and devices made before that date are not supported.


Includes power supply, original box, manual. No batteries (common AAA needed for remote).

I'm the original owner, and I simply don't use it that much. Very conservatively rated as 9/10 condition.


Original price = $500

Price = $275, plus shipping (and I'll cover PayPal fees)


Various photos here, and questions quickly answered.


Dave, who bought this originally because he really loves Luxman audio equipment





Music is love, made audible.


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