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DSPeaker Anti-Mode Dual Core 2.0 FOR SALE

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I'm selling this highly rated and reviewed Swiss Army Knife from Finland for half of retail (including PayPal and shipping to the CONTUS): $600.


It's a very good DAC and pre-amp , does dead simple or user tailored room correction up to 500 Hz., and has many tools and filters (including fine-tunable passover) for your inner nerd. Pair it with your computer via Toslink or USB and a power amp and you are off and running with an excellent and compact system.


The company is very responsive (in perfect English) to questions via email. Here is the website with the technical and other info on it. Be sure to check out the reviews. DSPeaker-Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core


Comes with a wall wart (a LPSU can improve SQ, I've been told), a small remote (volume and all other controls), and a microphone for calibration from your listening position. Works wonders on rooms with standing waves or modes and muddy bass.


The piece is in perfect condition.



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