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Sony HAP-S1 Noise and vibration


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Hi everyone

Does anyone here have any vibration issues with their unit ?, mine has a low hum that also shows as a vibration you can damp it down by putting your hand firmly on top.

I primarily listen with headphones and a hum is also present even when no music is playing ,sounds like a ground hum.Really happy with sound quality except for this humming audible during quiet passages of a song.

On a seperate note has anyone managed to used the onboard CD ripping function ?,if so what CD player did you use and to which connection.

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do you have connected a external device to the HAP-S1 ? do you us the HAP-S1 as amp or just like source? If you use like a source check your RCA Cables. If you have connected a external devices like a HDD or USB CD ROM or USB HUB, disconnect and verify if the noise is ceased.

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No external devices connected ,no speakers ,i just use it as a standalone unit and listen via headphones.

Humming is audible without headphones just coming from the unit itself.

Thanks for the reply


Could be the transformer...




PS if the warranty period is over you can remove the top and look for a possible source

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Luckily still in warranty ,the transformer would make sense , it does sound electronic ,i thought at first it could be earthing problem ,but the noise is constant and does not increase with volume.

Its down to the Sony centre i`m afraid.

Thanks for the reply.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well i returned my unit to Sony and it came back with a note saying they could not replicate the fault (they must be deaf!).

I powered it up and sure enough there was the hum both from the player and over headphones,not loud ,but there when it obviously should not be.

Now the screen has developed a fault, sort of distorted circles over the menus and album art. I phoned them and they say they did not open up the player just inspected and passed to quality control who passed it A1,so they did not cause the screen problem ,i imagined they had not connected the ribbon correctly or some such.They have asked for more in depth discription of problem and photos of screen ,which i have sent.

Went to the shop i bought mine from and listened to the shop model and the humming is not present ,so its not me.

I await their reply with a player i cannot use,no rush guys.

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