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Listening Test in JRiver Media Center 22


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From the thread on the JRiver forum:



JRiver Media Center 22.0.41 added a new Listening Test, a comparison feature available from the Tools > Library Tools Menu. It allows you to listen to different formats of the same track, rate them, and then find out how good you are at distinguishing them from each other.


Here is how it works.


1. Find an audio track in your library.


2. Select it and choose Listening Test from the Library Tools menu.


3. MC will then convert the track to several new temporary files whose names are A, B, C, etc. and automatically put them in Playing Now.


4. Play them as much as you want, rate them with MC's star ratings.


5. When you click done, the results will be displayed.


6. When you press OK on the results page, the temporary files will be deleted. Your original file is not affected in any way.

Jim Hillegass / JRiver Media Center / jriver.com

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