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World Cafe: More changes in the world of music


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As a listener of [WXPN in Philadelphia - also available on the Web], I want to share a station announcement with you.

Today, David Dye has announced his decision to step back from his full-time role as World Cafe Host and Producer. This change will take effect on March 31st, after which David will continue in a part-time capacity as a regular contributor to World Cafe and host of Funky Friday, among other station projects. David made his announcement on-air with me today at 4:00 PM.

It's impossible to measure the impact that David has had on artists and audiences with World Cafe. The show's tremendous success and high acclaim is due mainly to his efforts, and the generous support of members and listeners. As many of you know, David has been host of World Cafe since its launch on October 14, 1991. Distributed by NPR to more than 200 US radio stations and heard by nearly 600,000 listeners each week, World Cafe is known by artists, appreciative audiences, and the radio and music industries as an influential source for music discovery.

In the coming months, we look forward to honoring David with one-of-a-kind musical tributes and by making sure that his program has a long future of national musical discovery.


World Cafe : NPR

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