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Frank Zappa: Meat Light - The Uncle Meat Project-Object (Qobuz)


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Don't know if Qobuz have made a mistake but this is a really good deal ...


The recent 3CD Frank Zappa release 'Meat Light - The Uncle Meat Project-Object' was available this morning at Qobuz for just under £7.49.


Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project/Object | Frank ZappaÂ*– Download and listen to the album


This is much cheaper than £18.53, which Amazon will charge for the three disc version when it is released on 2nd December. The download includes digital cover image (jpg) and booklet (pdf) and it's available now. Just off to play it on my system.


Grab it while you can!

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I can confirm a Qobuz price of 9.09 euros. Cheap! Meat Light is also available now for streaming on Tidal.


Uncle Meat gets the deluxe treatment in this three CD Project/Object Audio Documentary. Included is the original 1969 vinyl mix (restored, remastered and available digitally for the first time), an original sequence that includes unique source material and bonus vault tracks mostly compiled from the recording sessions at Apostolic Studios in NYC between 1967 and 1968.




A helpful review, especially if you are already familiar with the original Uncle Meat: http://www.allmusic.com/album/meat-light-the-uncle-meat-project-object-audio-documentary-mw0002980907


in brief:

The sound is a huge improvement over all previous Uncle Meat CDs and the additional material is all excellent. Uncle Meat is arguably Zappa's most avant-garde, most dense, most wide-ranging, and one of his most difficult albums for some. It's also one of his very best and Meat Light really does justice to this masterpiece.



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