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LeAnna Class A Tube Pre Amplifier with VTPS Tube Power Supply 220-240v Plus Bybee & VCap Upgrades

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Musical Bella - LeAnna

Tube Pre-Amplifier (PreAmp with HT Bypass)

Class A Tube-PreAmp with upgraded VTPS Tube Power Supply

Asking Price: $2950.00 Us Dollars

Extremely Musical Pre-Amp with Tube Power supply. Will working under 220-240 Voltage. This has been used as my reference piece for the last 2 years. It has served me well with no electrical issues whatsoever. Responds very well to Tube rolling. This will outclass your commercial type Tube Pre-amplifiers within this price range.


Uses only the best parts available. This unit capacitors are all British made Caps, with US made bypass capacitor. The Choke, transformer power Supply are hand made. Cryo treated silver plated solid copper core internal wiring. Its also uses Bybee Purifiers to lower noise floor. This is a 2 Chassis unit. Powersupply is over built to increase dynamics, lower noise floor and distortion.

Voltage Compatibility: 220v, 230v, 240v

Designed & Hand Built In the USA!!! by Bill Baker of Response Audio. This is a Max out version with all possible upgrades.

Comes with a Full remote control

Specification of Pre-Amp:

Top of the Line Class A Tube

Upgraded External VTPS Tube Power Supply (Upgraded)

2 Pieces of Bybee Purifiers In Signal Input Stage (Upgraded)

4 Pieces of Bybee Purifiers In Signal Output Stage (Upgraded)

Upgraded Vcap CUTF Elite Reference Bypass Coupling Capacitors (Upgraded))

Silver Plated Copper Core Cryogenically Treated Internal Signal Wire (Upgraded)

HT Bypass Switch (Integrates with Home Theater AV) (Upgraded)

Class A Zero Feedback Circuit Design

12AU7 Tube

Stage Gain 17dB

Input Impedance 50k ohms

Remote Control for Volume only!

Purchased for $6000.00 US dollars with all the extra upgrades to Capacitors and multiple Bybee Purifiers installed in input and output stages in this model i also requested an over sized Tube Power Supply.


Instead of having everything rammed into a single chassis i paid extra to get the VTPS Power Supply separated and enclosed in its own chassis connecting to the main pre-amp via Umbilical cord.

Unit has a HT Bypass to allow this pre-amp to integrate within your Home Theater setup.


Condition of Unit: 10/10 Mechanically

7/10 Aesthetics, Unit has a few slight scratches. Can provide more pictures if needed.

Can Ship World Wide Via FedEx:

Price is negotiable but within reasonable limits low ballers will be politely ignored. Original box is included, but to save shipping I can get this boxed up in a smaller stronger box which is brand new. The original box is much larger and slightly beaten up.

Bid with confidence my Feedback speakers for its self.









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Some more Pictures below:














Bill Bakers notes on all the upgrades added to this unit. I have had 2 Version of this unit, One was a Solid State Power Supply but opted for the Tube Power Supply as this gave me a more Holographic image, Warmer Sound and it just felt more engaging.



The Unit has XLR inputs and outputs as well as RCA outputs and inputs.


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