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Galaxy Note 3 won't show song metadata?


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Hello! This is my first post on an audiophile site, so please bear with me if I've posted this in the wrong place or some other mistake.


I use my phone for listening to music, since it's the most convenient solution. As revealed in the thread title, it's a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. ( yes, my phone is old :/ ) I have recently purchased two albums in Apple's lossless format on iTunes, which is the .m4a extension.


The problem is that my phone refuses to read the metadata from the files. In iTunes, I can view the artist, genre, album cover, etc., but when I port the songs over to my phone, it shows that there's no data in the songs, and all of them are made by "Unknown" in the album "Unknown", with some beautiful eighth note cover art. The files play perfectly and losslessly (not a word), but I can't look up any of my songs by anything other than the title.


And sure, I can convert them all to mp3 to get the metadata that I want, but... lossless to mp3. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Plus, the album art from the original gets painfully compressed into a disgusting, pixelated mess.


I know that I could just download a third-party app to play the m4a's with no problem, but for convenience, I'd like to be able to play the songs natively with all of the artist, album, whatever data is in the song, completely intact.

Please Samsung, I just want to listen to my Reol songs in peace why can't you just give me this I paid $20 for these songs argh ugh asdfghjkl;


Anyway, I'm sure that, after my disorganized rant, you all have more than enough details to try and help me out.


Also, sorry if this was posted a bit late at night. I'm a bit of a night owl :^)

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