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creative s250 / s master sony hifi


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i have a 2 sets of speakers:

- a creative s250



- a sony s master hifi



i use them connected to my computeri wonder which one is the better one (in general and/or for computer)


- the hifi was more expensive but is old (10 years)


- the creative are meant to be used from close distance and with the computer


- the hifi is prolly meant to be used in a room i can only connect 1 set on stereo on my pc.or i can connect them both to my soundcard when i set it as 5.1, and only enable front speakers and subwoofer

(i had this setup for a while with the creative as bass booster, it is interesting because i can boost the bass a lot however i find that i dont notice it a lot while sitting in front of them untill i make it quite loud, however in the back of my room the bass sounds very loud)


i do not know a lot about sound and was considering maybe selling one setor if you guys have suggestions to improve the soundsetup i have, i d like to hear it

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