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Mac as wifi ethernet bridge for Linn Majik DSi streamer?

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Hi all,


I have moved my system to a new room where my Linn Majik DSi streamer is too far from the router for a cable connection (it can't connect via wifi).


Is it possible to use a Mac as a wifi bridge to send an internet signal to my DSi via its ethernet port, allowing the DSi access to Tidal and my NAS (whenever the Mac is switched on)?


I have found tutorials online of people doing this with other tech e.g. an xbox - is it possible with a streamer?


I can play music from the Mac via an optical connection to the DSi, but I can't access the DSi with its Konfig app, and it seems to me the streamer should be used for file processing, not the Mac.


Any help would be really appreciated.


All best,



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