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Roon, microRendu, Hqplayer, dac 8 dsd

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I have no clue, nothing usefull to find on the internet, just to confusing.

I have a dac 8 dsd. How on earth can i upsample to dsd 512.

What do i need to do, what do i need, instal,...

I cant seem to get dsd 128, 256, 512 i am hopeless.

Hope you guys can help me


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The DAC 8 DSD can't do DSD 512 with a Linux based device like the mR, because it's USB input doesn't have firmware that allows for DSD 512 from Linux. It won't unless new firmware comes out. I believe you are limited to DSD 128 with the mR. You need a Windows based player and the Windows drivers to do DSD 512.


There's a DAC 8 DSD thread on this site that goes into the whole thing in detail .

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