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Sonore microRendu and Signature Series Power Supply

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Selling because I need a windows NAA for my new T+A DAC8 DSD to do DSD512


paid 2229 USD excluding shipping and taxes to get them to the Netherlands just a month or 2 ago


Asking 1499 EUR ex shipping for the combo


just the microRendu (with iFi power) for 475 EUR

just the SPS for 1199 EUR


SPS has the Synergistic fuses!


All in mint condition and boxed of course



Pink Faun Streamer —>  Pink Faun DAC --> Ayre AX5 --> Paradigm S8 

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Pm sent

In the beginning God made 'the light.'

Shortly thereafter God made three big mistakes.

The first mistake was called MAN, the second mistake was called WO-MAN, and the third mistake was the invention of THE POODLE.

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