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netgear orbi combined with apple airport extreme

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I am planning to purchase this NetGear 'amoeba' like router/extender(Orbi). I have a 1906 house 3 floors and basement with a 1994 family room addition.I gave up trying to use my 3rd gen ATV in the family room trying to stream music from the living room in the old part of house was a waste with dropouts and constant buffering and trying to use Netflix or Hulu was impossible-took 30+ minutes to download a movie trailer!! I tried wall plugin NetGear extenders etc to no avail. Recently had TimeWarner put in a supposedly 'stronger' Arris router( so much for their ad claiming wifi everywhere) it was no help.

Anyone have experience with this Orbi-the amoeba description was used by the BestBuy tech-implying it goes around obstructions like 1906 plaster/horsehair walls,beams, corners and new beam/steel construction additions.

Also would adding an Airport Time Capsule(I need the 2 tb backup) to the Orbi also help and how would i do it-their web page says you have to 'bridge' the two but I can't find directions for that or does anyone think the Airport Time Capsule alone would do the trick.

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As I have had no replies to my query I went ahead and purchased the Apple Airport Express as I needed the 2 TB backup anyway and in the hope it would extend the range from my living room where the Mac mini and TimeWarner router/modem reside so I could make the Apple TV in my family room receive WiFi signal so it wouldn't buffer music and take 45 minutes to download movie TRAILERS.

I want to do this correctly-where do I hook/attach the Express into with the Ethernet cord-into the TW modem or the router(new Arris)? My network is just me my mac mini i7 16GB RAM(late 2012) to Schiit pre-multibit Gungnir and Apple TV 3rd gen in living room and 3rd Generation ATV in family room. And can I attach the Express into a USB hub or do I have to use one of the ports on the Mac mini itself. And would using a thunderbolt connector and that input on the Mac mini be better.

Thanks- hope someone answers this.


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